Oct 29, 2012

Abbey Bominable

Hello, this is Elena and I like to tell you about my doll Abbey.

Abby was my second doll. I really love her looks and personality. I keep her personality and name same, but I like to  think that she's from Jotunheim (yeah,  I  read Thor comics). My Abby is also  always wearing sunglasses that came with Toralei fashion pack.

Here she's wearing dress and Icoffing from Specktras fashion pack, belt from Toraleis and arm ting is from Robecca.

And one with orginal dress!

Oct 23, 2012

This is the start to our blog

Something quick about us: we're 20 and 21, from Finland, we're best friends, we love MH.

This blog is going to be about everything in our lives that has something to do with Monster High. Dolls, movies, art. We customize some of our dolls and we're going to give you tips how to do it yourself. We also create back stories to our dolls and take pictures of them. You will see the stories we come up with through photography, drawings and text. We might even try to make some videos. We'll see!